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Caitlin, born in Missouri spent her younger years in a New Mexico mining town. But it wasn’t until she moved to Portland that her true creativity was awoken. It was here in Portland that she realized the possibilities for self-expression are endless. 


Her path with Davines began 7 years ago: Immediately falling in love with the companies’ moral compass and color-line,  she realized that through Davines’ guidance she could truly be a part of something bigger. Continuing education is a pivotal part of Caitlin’s philosophy because it creates a platform for growth so she can maintain consistency and stay inspired.


Taking cues from Mother Nature, Caitlin is inspired to create beautifully organic pallets. She also utilizes several techniques ,which she adores, to create these nature-inspired looks as well as vivid colors, lived-in haircuts and soft wavy styles. Transparency and solid-communication are vital and key to creating a space with Caitlin and her clients can create a build harmonious hair experience, together. Don’t be afraid to bring in pictures! And it goes without saying - everyone is welcome. 


Caitlin also takes time to enjoy the inspiration and wholeness she finds in nature. On her days off, you can find her in the PNW’s forests or at the coast.

Caitlin Moira

Tel: 503-308-3221  |  Accepting Appointments 


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