Carole Brotka

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You never know the moment in a Childs life that will set them on a path of passion. The Images of Billy Idols “white wedding” flashing before the eyes of the young Carole at the age of 8 was her moment. She was hooked.

Hair and makeup to Carole are the ultimate way to show one's artistic side….She finds herself inspired by gothic esthetic and the costume side of hair as well as period specific looks.

Carole moved to Portland in 2012 from Richmond, Va where she worked in a 50's style salon. She's spent 15 years working behind the chair specializing in color and textured hair. She finds her artistic outlet while working behind the scenes at fashion shows, photo shoots, art shows, movies and weddings. 

 Carole comes from a long line of teachers. Her desire to follow in those footsteps became a reality when she started using Davines. She noticed that finally a beauty company believes in the same ethics she did. One year ago, Carole began her journey to become an educator for the company. She enjoys teaching other stylists as well as her clients! 

Carole also spends time doing free haircuts for low income housing in downtown Portland. She believes in full transparency, open communication, and beauty within everyone. Her main goals are to make her clients feel heard, renewed and pampered. All people are welcome in her chair! 



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