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Misa West

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Tel: 503-249-6558 | Accepting Appointments

The women in my family were very crafty. They taught me knitting, crocheting, stitch pointing and sewing. My grandpa was a big woodworker, farmer and gardener. I loved it all!

When I was 12 I started cutting my little sister's hair. Then later my friends and family. I ended up going to school for Men's tailoring, but never stop doing hair on the side. I meet my sweet husband in Prague. We become best friends and a year later were married. He kidnaped me shortly after and I moved to the USA. Where I finally went to school for cosmetology and started doing hair professionally in 2010. We lived for 14 years in the south but always dreamed about moving west. In 2017 we move to beautiful Oregon and knew it was our home.


I love working with Davines. They believe in sustainability, eco friendly standards and giving back to nature. I am always seeking new techniques and am consistently inspired by all the natural beauty. Finding inspiration in individuality and the beauty all around us.

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