Nicole Stepaniuk

Nikki’s way through the world is one of expression. Hailing from San Diego, something was calling her to Oregon. At 19, she purchased a one way ticket on a northbound train to Portland, finding her home.

    Enthralled with the rocker aesthetic at a young age, Nikki became obsessed with hair as a focal point of expression. From baby pink hair to blue dreadlocks; she has explored the spectrum of expression first hand. Nikki’s inspiration comes from the doo wop groups of the 50’s, Goth and rocker hair from the 80’s. She loves everything from a textured shag to a precision bob. Mullets being her guilty pleasure.

     Introduced to Vidal Sassoon by an instructor, she was inspired to have a precision foundation for her career. Launching her onto a hair journey. Whilst in beauty school the desire to get some practical experience and a little bit of fate, landed her at Arabella Salon. Upon walking in, she knew she wanted it to be her home. Assisting a day a week rolled into a 2 year apprenticeship.


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